Starting and Stopping gpfdist

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Starting and Stopping gpfdist

You can start gpfdist in your current directory location or in any directory that you specify. The default port is 8080.

From your current directory, type:

gpfdist &

From a different directory, specify the directory from which to serve files, and optionally, the HTTP port to run on.

To start gpfdist in the background and log output messages and errors to a log file:

$ gpfdist -d /var/load_files -p 8081 -l /home/gpadmin/log &

For multiple gpfdist instances on the same ETL host (see Figure 2), use a different base directory and port for each instance. For example:

$ gpfdist -d /var/load_files1 -p 8081 -l /home/gpadmin/log1 &
$ gpfdist -d /var/load_files2 -p 8082 -l /home/gpadmin/log2 &

To stop gpfdist when it is running in the background:

First find its process id:

$ ps -ef | grep gpfdist

Then kill the process, for example (where 3456 is the process ID in this example):

$ kill 3456