Transforming with GPLOAD

Transforming with GPLOAD

Transforming data with GPLOAD requires that the settings TRANSFORM and TRANSFORM_CONFIG. appear in the INPUT section of the GPLOAD control file.

For more information about the syntax and placement of these settings in the GPLOAD control file, see the Greenplum Database Reference Guide.

  • TRANSFORM_CONFIG specifies the name of the gpfdist configuration file.
  • The TRANSFORM setting indicates the name of the transformation that is described in the file named in TRANSFORM_CONFIG.
USER: gpadmin
- TRANSFORM_CONFIG: config.yaml
- TRANSFORM: prices_input
FILE: prices.xml

The transformation name must appear in two places: in the TRANSFORM setting of the gpfdist configuration file and in the TRANSFORMATIONS section of the file named in the TRANSFORM_CONFIG section.

In the GPLOAD control file, the optional parameter MAX_LINE_LENGTH specifies the maximum length of a line in the XML transformation data that is passed to gpload.

The following diagram shows the relationships between the GPLOAD control file, the gpfdist configuration file, and the XML data file.