pgAdmin 4 with Greenplum Database

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pgAdmin 4 with Greenplum Database

If you prefer a graphic interface, use pgAdmin 4. This GUI client supports PostgreSQL databases with all standard pgAdmin 4 features, while adding support for some Greenplum-specific features. pgAdmin 4 is available for download at
Note: For limitations on using pgAdmin4 with Greenplum Database, refer to the Greenplum Database Release Notes.

pgAdmin 4 supports the following Greenplum-specific features:

  • Viewing Greenplum table DDL.
  • Append-optimized tables, including compressed append-optimized tables.
    Note: Only limited functionality for Greenplum partitioned tables is available with pgAdmin 4.
Note: Graphical EXPLAIN features are currently not available with Greenplum Database.
Figure 1. pgAdmin 4 Dashboard View

Installing pgAdmin 4

The installation package for pgAdmin 4 is available for download from the official pgAdmin 4 download site ( Installation instructions are included in the installation package.

When configuring the server connection for Greenplum Database, retain the default Maintenance database of postgres, but specify gpadmin for the Username. When connected, Greenplum Database connections will be indicated by the Greenplum logo.

Viewing DDL Data with pgAdmin 4

You can use pgAdmin 4 to view Greenplum Database table DDL.

To view the table DDL, simply drill down through the database information in the left navigation and select the desired table. Click on the SQL tab. The DDL will be displayed. You can also display DDL information for individual columns.

Figure 2. Graphical Query Plan in pgAdmin 4