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Plugin command to clean up a storage plugin after backup.


plugin_executable cleanup_plugin_for_backup plugin_config_file local_backup_dir


gpbackup invokes the cleanup_plugin_for_backup plugin command on the master and all segment hosts when a gpbackup operation completes, both in success and failure cases.

The cleanup_plugin_for_backup command should perform the actions necessary to clean up the remote storage system after a backup. Clean up activities may include removing remote directories or temporary files created during the backup, disconnecting from the backup service, etc.


The absolute path to the plugin configuration YAML file.
The local directory on the Greenplum Database host (master and segments) to which gpbackup wrote backup files.

Exit Code

The cleanup_plugin_for_backup command must exit with a value of 0 on success, non-zero if an error occurs. In the case of a non-zero exit code, gpbackup displays the contents of stderr to the user.