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The pg_stat_replication view contains metadata of the walsender process that is used for Greenplum Database master mirroring.

Table 1. pg_catalog.pg_stat_replication
column type references description
pid integer   Process ID of WAL sender backend process.
usesysid integer   User system ID that runs the WAL sender backend process
usename name   User name that runs WAL sender backend process.
application_name oid   Client application name.
client_addr name   Client IP address.
client_port integer   Client port number.
backend_start timestamp   Operation start timestamp.
state text   WAL sender state. The value can be:





sent_location text   WAL sender xlog record sent location.
write_location text   WAL receiver xlog record write location.
flush_location text   WAL receiver xlog record flush location.
replay_location text   Standby xlog record replay location.
sync_priority text   Priority. the value is 1.
sync_state text   WAL sender synchronization state. The value is sync.