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The gpexpand.status_detail table contains information about the status of tables involved in a system expansion operation. You can query this table to determine the status of tables being expanded, or to view the start and end time for completed tables.

This table also stores related information about the table such as the oid and disk size. Overall status information for the expansion is stored in gpexpand.status.

In a normal expansion operation it is not necessary to modify the data stored in this table.

Table 1. gpexpand.status_detail
column type references description
dbname text   Name of the database to which the table belongs.
fq_name text   Fully qualified name of the table.
table_oid oid   OID of the table.
root_partition_name text   For a partitioned table, the name of the root partition. Otherwise, None.
rank int   Rank determines the order in which tables are expanded. The expansion utility will sort on rank and expand the lowest-ranking tables first.
external_writable boolean   Identifies whether or not the table is an external writable table. (External writable tables require a different syntax to expand).
status text   Status of expansion for this table. Valid values are:





expansion_started timestamp without time zone   Timestamp for the start of the expansion of this table. This field is only populated after a table is successfully expanded.
expansion_finished timestamp without time zone   Timestamp for the completion of expansion of this table.
source_bytes     The size of disk space associated with the source table. Due to table bloat in heap tables and differing numbers of segments after expansion, it is not expected that the final number of bytes will equal the source number. This information is tracked to help provide progress measurement to aid in duration estimation for the end-to-end expansion operation.