Changes the ownership of database objects owned by a database role.


REASSIGN OWNED BY old_role [, ...] TO new_role


REASSIGN OWNED changes the ownership of database objects owned by any of the old_roles to new_role.


The name of a role. The ownership of all the objects in the current database, and of all shared objects (databases, tablespaces), owned by this role will be reassigned to new_role.
The name of the role that will be made the new owner of the affected objects.


REASSIGN OWNED is often used to prepare for the removal of one or more roles. Because REASSIGN OWNED does not affect objects in other databases, it is usually necessary to run this command in each database that contains objects owned by a role that is to be removed.

REASSIGN OWNED requires privileges on both the source role(s) and the target role.

The DROP OWNED command is an alternative that simply drops all of the database objects owned by one or more roles. DROP OWNED requires privileges only on the source role(s).

The REASSIGN OWNED command does not affect any privileges granted to the old_roles on objects that are not owned by them. Likewise, it does not affect default privileges created with ALTER DEFAULT PRIVILEGES. Use DROP OWNED to revoke such privileges.


Reassign any database objects owned by the role named sally and bob to admin;

REASSIGN OWNED BY sally, bob TO admin;


The REASSIGN OWNED command is a Greenplum Database extension.