Configuring the PXF Agent Host and Port (Optional)

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By default, a PXF agent started on a segment host listens on port number 5888 on localhost. You can configure PXF to start on a different port number, or use a different hostname or IP address. To change the default configuration, you will set one or both of the environment variables identified below:

Environment Variable Description
PXF_HOST The name of the host or IP address. The default host name is localhost.
PXF_PORT The port number on which the PXF agent listens for requests on the host. The default port number is 5888.

Set the environment variables in the gpadmin user’s .bashrc shell login file on each segment host.

You must restart both Greenplum Database and PXF when you configure the agent host and/or port in this manner. Consider performing this configuration during a scheduled down time.


Perform the following procedure to configure the PXF agent host and/or port number on one or more Greenplum Database segment hosts:

  1. Log in to your Greenplum Database master node:

    $ ssh gpadmin@<gpmaster>
  2. For each Greenplum Database segment host:

    1. Identify the host name or IP address of the PXF agent.
    2. Identify the port number on which you want the PXF agent to run.
    3. Log in to the Greenplum Database segment host:

      $ ssh gpadmin@<seghost>
    4. Open the ~/.bashrc file in the editor of your choice.

    5. Set the PXF_HOST and/or PXF_PORT environment variables. For example, to set the PXF agent port number to 5998, add the following to the .bashrc file:

      export PXF_PORT=5998
    6. Save the file and exit the editor.

  3. Restart Greenplum Database as described in Restarting Greenplum Database.

  4. Restart PXF on each Greenplum Database segment host as described in Restarting PXF.