Migrating Data with gpcopy

You can use the gpcopy utility to transfer data between databases in different Greenplum Database clusters.

Note: gpcopy is available only with the commercial release of VMware Tanzu Greenplum.

gpcopy is a high-performance utility that can copy metadata and data from one Greenplum database to another Greenplum database. You can migrate the entire contents of a database, or just selected tables. The clusters can have different Greenplum Database versions. For example, you can use gpcopy to migrate data from a Greenplum Database version 4.3.26 (or later) system to a 5.9 (or later) or a 6.x Greenplum system, or from a Greenplum Database version 5.9+ system to a Greenplum 6.x system.

Note: The gpcopy utility is available as a separate download for the commercial release of Tanzu Greenplum. See the Tanzu Greenplum Data Copy Utility Documentation.

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