Upgrading to Greenplum 6

This topic identifies the upgrade paths for upgrading a Greenplum Database 6.x release to a newer 6.x release. The topic also describes the migration paths for migrating Tanzu Greenplum Database 4.x or 5.x data to Greenplum Database 6.x.

Greenplum Database 6 supports upgrading from a Greenplum 6.x release to a newer 6.x release. Direct upgrade from Tanzu Greenplum 5.28 and later to Tanzu Greenplum 6.9 and later is provided via gpupgrade; for more information, see the gpupgrade documentation. Direct upgrade from Greenplum Database 4.3, or from Greenplum 5.27 and earlier, to Greenplum 6 is not supported; you must migrate the data to Greenplum 6.

Parent topic:Installing and Upgrading Greenplum