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Note: The pg_resqueuecapability system catalog table is valid only when resource queue-based resource management is active.

The pg_resqueuecapability system catalog table contains information about the extended attributes, or capabilities, of existing Greenplum Database resource queues. Only resource queues that have been assigned an extended capability, such as a priority setting, are recorded in this table. This table is joined to the pg_resqueue table by resource queue object ID, and to the pg_resourcetype table by resource type ID (restypid).

This table is populated only on the master. This table is defined in the pg_global tablespace, meaning it is globally shared across all databases in the system.

Table 1. pg_catalog.pg_resqueuecapability
column type references description
rsqueueid oid pg_resqueue.oid The object ID of the associated resource queue.
restypid smallint pg_resourcetype. restypid The resource type, derived from the pg_resqueuecapability system table.
resetting opaque type   The specific value set for the capability referenced in this record. Depending on the actual resource type, this value may have different data types.