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Note: The pg_resgroupcapability system catalog table is valid only when resource group-based resource management is active.

The pg_resgroupcapability system catalog table contains information about the capabilities and limits of defined Greenplum Database resource groups. You can join this table to the pg_resgroup table by resource group object ID.

The pg_resgroupcapability table, defined in the pg_global tablespace, is globally shared across all databases in the system.

Table 1. pg_catalog.pg_resgroupcapability
column type references description
resgroupid oid pg_resgroup.oid The object ID of the associated resource group.
reslimittype smallint The resource group limit type:

0 - Unknown

1 - Concurrency

2 - CPU

3 - Memory

4 - Memory shared quota

5 - Memory spill ratio

6 - Memory auditor

7 - CPU set

value opaque type   The specific value set for the resource limit referenced in this record. This value has the fixed type text, and will be converted to a different data type depending upon the limit referenced.