Uninstalling Optional Greenplum Software

gpupgrade does not upgrade optional Greenplum Database software that you might have installed. Uninstall any extensions or packages from the source Greenplum Database system before proceeding with the upgrade process.

When you have completed the upgrade you can reinstall the extensions in the target Greenplum system. For extensions or packages that are not included in the Greenplum Database distribution, download and install the correct version for the target Greenplum Database system.

Drop or alter any tables, views, or UDFs you have created that reference UDFs or custom data types supplied by extensions. Remove any files the extension creates in the Greenplum Database master data directory.

Keep track of the extensions you uninstall, and the related modifications you had to make to the source Greenplum Database system, so that you can re-apply them after gpupgrade finalize.


The following table lists common extensions with links to instructions to uninstall them. Some extensions can be uninstalled using the gppkg package utility, others are uninstalled by running scripts.

Extension Uninstalling
citext Data Type citext Data Type
dblink Connectivity Functions dblink Connectivity Functions
Fuzzy String Match Extension Installing and Uninstalling the Fuzzy String Match Functions
Greenplum MADlib Extension Uninstall the Greenplum Database MADlib Packages
Greenplum Platform Extension Framework (PXF) Uninstalling PXF
Greenplum PL/Java Language Extension Uninstalling PL/Java
Greenplum PL/R Language Extension Uninstalling PL/R
Greenplum PostGIS Extension Enabling and Removing PostGIS Support
Greenplum Streaming Server Installing the Streaming Server
hstore Functions hstore Functions
Oracle Compatibility Functions Oracle Compatibility Functions
pgcrypto Cryptographic Functions Disable pgcrypto Extension
Python Data Science Module Package Uninstalling the Python Data Science Module Package
R Data Science Library Package Uninstalling the R Data Science Library Package

GPCC Software

The Greenplum Command Center (GPCC) versions required for Greenplum 5.x and 6.x are incompatible:

Greenplum Database GPCC
Gpdb 5.x 4.10.0
Gpdb 6.x 6.2.0

gpupgrade cannot upgrade the GPCC software from the supported source cluster version to the supported target cluster version. Follow the steps below if you have installed the GPCC software in your source database cluster:

  1. Before the pre-upgrade phase, take a backup of the gpperfmon database and download GPCC 6.2.0 software from VMware Tanzu Network. See Backing up and Restoring the gpperfmon Database.
  2. Before the gpupgrade initialize phase, uninstall the GPCC software from the source cluster. See Uninstalling Greenplum Command Center.
  3. After completing the gpupgrade finalize phase, install GPCC v6.2.0 on the target cluster. See Installing and Upgrading Pivotal Greenplum Command Center.
  4. After the GPCC 6.2.0 installation is complete, restore the gpperfmon database from the backup. See Backing up and Restoring the gpperfmon Database.